1. You can join the conference with your abstract and oral presentation (full text is not required).
  2. All selected abstracts and full texts will be published in Conference E-Book. Abstracts and articles are accepted after passing through the blind peer-review system.
  3. If you want to publish your paper as an article you should submit it to USBED until 30 December, 2022). Article evaluations will be made according to the journal rules of USBED and publication is not guaranteed.


Title: Must be no more than 12 words. It should be written in 12 font size, bold, first letter capitalized and centered.
Abstracts: Should be between 100-300 words. Times New Roman should be 11 points, 1 line spacing.
Keywords: There should be 3-8 keywords, in order from general to specific

Main Part: Must be no more than 20 pages. 11 Point, 1 line spacing.

References: APA 7 style must be used.