Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility that the conference will be cancelled?
The conference will not be canceled except in extraordinary situations such as pandemics, wars, strikes. If necessary, the conference can be held online.

Can I attend the conference with only the abstract without writing the full text?                        Yes. You can attend with your abstract. Please check the Publication page

Can I make my presentation online?
Yes. You can make your presentation online or in person.

Does my fee include accommodation and social activities?
Fee does not include accommodation. Although, there are two participation options. One of them includes last day events. Please check the Fee page

Does the conference have an academic score?
Yes. Although the academic scoring system of each country may vary, our conference is scored in the “International Conferences” category.

Can I make more than one presentation at the conference?
Yes. There is no extra charge for the presentation. However, +10 USD is charged for extra article publication.

What is the presentation and writing language of the conference?
Conference languages are Turkish and English. If need an interpreter will be provided to the participants upon request.

What are your general recommendations?
Before arriving, review the weather report and choose appropriate clothing. Don’t forget to bring your regular medications if you have them.

I couldn’t find the answer to my question here!
Please feel free to email us for any questions you may have.